Tibetan formulas manufactured in Switzerland

Covid-19, the coronavirus, poses a huge challenge. Each individual, we as a company and therefore also PADMA are now learning to cope with this new situation. If our products were able to help during these difficult times, we are more than happy. This motivates us and gives us strength. We are grateful to be able to continue working for you and to manufacture our products to the highest standards even in these exceptional circumstances.


PADMA 28 active is a dietary supplement for modern individuals and their daily challenges. The herbal capsules support the blood circulation, the immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress.

It is used to supplement an optimal diet and as a contemporary systemic resource for the whole body.

The herbal mixture PADMA 28 active  is based on a well-known Tibetan formula , which with its plant power and synergistically with vitamin C, supports vitality, blood vessels and the immune system. A healthy blood circulation supports cellular nutrition, which is in turn important for cell health.

Tibetan Medecine Products

For circulatory disorders with symptoms, such as going to sleep of hands and feet or leg cramps.
For digestive disorder with a feeling of pressure in the stomach area, bloating and flatulence.
For occasional constipation with accompanying bloating, for example, by changes in diet and change of location.

Further developing proven formulas

The vast knowledge of the Tibetan constitutional doctrine forms the basis for a holistic nutritional science. According to the doctrine, plants and minerals play an important role in keeping the energies in body and mind in balance.

PADMA’s Original Formulas are based on proven formulas and available as food supplements in pharmacies and drugstores.

For cellular nutrition, blood vessels, the immune system and for cell protection
For strengthening the nerves and inner peace.
To maintain a balanced gastric climate.
To protect a normal liver function.
To support the fat digestion.
PADMA, in Switzerland, produces herbal medicines and food supplements, based on Tibetan medicine, since 1969, and see itself as a bridge builder between different systems of medicine.
Tibetan Medicine and Constitution Doctrine is a holistic medicine and nutrition system, based upon the doctrine of five elements – earth, water, fire, wind, and space. The five elements manifest themselves in human beings through the three principles of Lung, Tripa, and Beken. If these three principles are in balance, we feel mentally and physically healthy.