About Us


Tashi Delek is the common greeting of the Tibetan people and means “Fare well.. The literal translation includes the words health, well-being, and success.

PADMA, in Switzerland, produces herbal medicines and food supplements, based on Tibetan medicine, since 1969, and see itself as a bridge builder between different systems of medicine.
All worldwide sold products of PADMA are manufactured and certified in Switzerland under internationally approved guidelines for pharmaceutical products.
To preserve the knowledge of Tibetan Medicine, PADMA has made an effort, since the beginning and into future, to promote scientific research into the healing properties of Tibetan formulas.
With much passion, expertise, and interconnected thinking, we try to be the connective link between the PADMA customers, the specialized personnel, and complementary medicine.

This is our team - at least a part of it

Herbert Schwabl
Alexandra Schwabl
Cécile Vennos
Head of Research & MA
Raphael Ruedisuehli
Head of Marketing & Sales
Kaspar Bürgi
Pharmaceutical advisor
Lukas Maron
Pharmaceutical advisor
Annet Breitschaft
Pharmaceutical advisor
Clea Zajc
Marketing & PR
Andreas Nill
Marketing International
Paul Heiz
Head Finance & HR
Palden Taksham
International Affairs
Katharina Waldbauer
Head Quality Control & Qualified Person