PADMA 28 active For circulation and immunology

  • Circulation
  • Blood vessels
  • Immune system
  • Cell protection
  • Against oxidative stress

PADMA 28 active is a dietary supplement for modern individuals and their daily challenges. The herbal capsules support the blood circulation, the immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress. It is used to supplement an optimal diet and as a contemporary systemic resource for the whole body.

The herbal mixture PADMA 28 active is based on a well-known Tibetan formula , which with its plant power and synergistically with vitamin C, supports vitalitya), blood vesselsa) and the immune systemb). A healthy blood circulation supports cellular nutrition, which is in turn important for cell health.

PADMA 28 active is available in pharmacies, drugstores and selected health food stores in Switzerland.



Healthy blood circulation for cellular nutrition

The active lifestyle at work and in everyday life is a huge challenge for the organism. Psychological stress, unfavourable nutrition and lack of exercise are typical of today’s lifestyle. From the vital oxygen aggressive “free radicals” are produced in our body which, together with other harmful substances, damage cells and body tissue.

For good health, it is important that the organism, the organs and every single cell are optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, cellular waste substances must be removed. The smallest blood vessels are particularly delicate. Therefore, oxidative stress first affects the microcirculation, putting a strain on all blood vessels from the heart to the distant regions in the arms and legs.

Protective substances from plants – cell protection in action

The immune system is challenged around the clock, seven days a week. The defence against harmful substances, bacteria and viruses is carried out by specialized immune cells. These reach the outermost cells of the body through the smallest vessels (microvessels) and perform their protective function there. Cells that are well supplied with nutrients are vital and support a normal immune defense.

An optimally balanced body defense system can react quickly and in a targeted manner to viruses, bacteria and other disorders, while an excessive immune system can derail and thus lead to chronic inflammation.

PADMA 28 active – protective herbal substances in synergy with vitamin C. The latter protects the cells from oxidative stress c) by detoxifying and defusing free radicals in the body through many intermediate steps. Only a gradual reduction of the oxidizing strength of the radicals leads to success and thus to comprehensive cell protection.

Plants have unique protective mechanisms that are also important for the human body and health. Nature provides valuable substances for the immune system and cells. Learn more about this here.


PADMA 28 active belongs to the family of camphor formulas (Tibetan name: “Gabur”). The different ingredients complement each other in a harmonious way. Its pure plant power acts synergistically with vitamin C*. This promotes normal functioning of the blood vessels and circulationa) as well as the immune system b), helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress c) and supports vitality a) b) c) .

1 daily dose (4 capsules) contains: Iceland moss 160 mg, amla fruits 140 mg, myrobalan fruits 120 mg, terminalia bellirica fruits 120 mg, cardamom 120 mg, vitamin C 112 mg, allspice 100 mg, elecampane root 100 mg, marmalos fruits 80 mg, calcium sulphate 80 mg, hawthorn flowers and leaves 60 mg, liquorice 60 mg, ribwort plantain 60 mg, knotgrass 60 mg, silverweed 60 mg, cloves 48 mg, ginger 40 mg, motherwort 40 mg, valerian 40 mg, lettuce 24 mg, marigold flowers 20 mg, natural camphor 16 mg.

The vegan capsule shell is made of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

*Vitamin C contributes to:
a) normal collagen formation for normal blood vessel, gum function and normal energy metabolism.
b) normal functioning of the immune system.
c) the protection of cells from oxidative stress. It also contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E.

Recommended consumption

2 capsules 1-2 times daily before or with a main meal, best taken with warm water.  The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.


PADMA 28 active is vegan, lactose- and gluten-free. Note for diabetics: 1 capsule contains 0.05 g of usable carbohydrates.

The vegan capsules contain no artificial preservatives or colorants.


The following applies to our herbal products: all herbs are natural, of high quality, rigorously tested and packaged in a way that protects their aroma. The strict quality control ensures that the products are not contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides or mould. As far as possible, we avoid the use of auxiliary agents (colouring, bulking or flavouring agents, stabilisers, preservatives). The plants are used in their natural state, i.e. the carefully dried herbs are not altered with regard to their active strength by the use of artificial extraction agents (ethanol, glycerine, hexane, etc.).

PADMA 28 active is a food supplement with aromatic herbs in synergy with vitamin C*. For a normal functioning of the blood vessels, the blood circulation, the immune system and to protect cells.


Please note:

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, which is important together with a healthy lifestyle.

Preserving and developing the tried and tested

The original formula PADMA 28 active is based on the well-known 28th fomrula of a traditional Tibetan formula collection. The 28th formula came to Europe over 100 years ago and has been known for over 40 years as a Swiss herbal remedy.

Global changes over the past few years and the difficulties brought about by the corona crisis pose major challenges for the sustainable sourcing of certain plants.

Together with knowledgeable herbal experts and thanks to our expertise gained from over 50 years of working with Tibetan Medicine, we managed to further develop the traditional 28th formula with the goal of a sustainable, close-to-nature sourcing and a well-tolerated solution that activates the organism in a holistic way.

Besides protecting blood vessels, cells and harmonizing Tripa, PADMA 28 active, by reducing Beken and mobilizing lung, promotes normal vascular function, which is essential for blood circulation and cell nutrition. Lung stands for the moving principle, Tripa for the warming principle and Beken reflects the stabilizing and cooling aspect in the organism.

PADMA 28 active is available in pharmacies, drugstores and selected health food stores in Switzerland.



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