• Feeling of fullness
  • Gastric discomfort
  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Belching
  • Fast feeling of fullness
  • Lack of appetite

PADMA DIGESTIN (Tibetan se ‘bru 5) is used in accordance with Tibetan Medicine, when the patient is prone to digestive disorders (pressure or fullness in the stomach and bloating, especially in the upper abdomen) and digestive weakness. It has been approved in Switzerland, since 2012, as a traditional medicine and comprises five aromatic herbs. They strengthen, according to Tibetan beliefs, the digestion. PADMA DIGESTIN can be used for short-term usage or as treatment for several weeks.

In short-term use, PADMA DIGESTIN is indicated for sporadically occurring digestive complaints, like the feeling of having “a stone in the stomach”, after a heavy meal or unfamiliar food as on trips, and if you become tired after a meal.


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For a long-term cure, PADMA DIGESTIN can be used for longer lasting digestive problems or recurring discomfort in the stomach area and stress-related or psychologically caused indigestion.

PADMA DIGESTIN is available in Switzerland in packs of 20 or 60 capsules, without prescription, in pharmacies and drugstores.

Get advice from your doctor, pharmacist, or druggist. This is an approved drug. Read the package insert.

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PADMA DIGESTIN is available in Switzerland in pharmacies and drugstores.





PADMA DIGESTIN comprises pomegranate seeds, galangal (a ginger), Cassia cinnamon, cardamom seeds, and Indian long pepper.

These herbs contain many valuable plant substances, such as essential oils, flavonoids, fruit and fatty acids, and tannin and hot substances.

This herbal composition has been successfully applied for centuries in Tibetan Medicine as a warming formula. Therefore, a feeling of warmth in the stomach can be perceived after ingestion.

Findings from modern research explain the mechanisms of action: essential oils have antispasmodic and are contrary to flatulence. The hot substances, piperine and gingerols from Indian long pepper and galangal, provide a stimulating and pleasant feeling of warmth in the stomach.

1 capsule contains the powder of: pomegranate seed 204 mg, lesser galangal rhizome 102 mg, long pepper 25.5 mg, cardamom seed 12.75 mg, cassia bark 12.75 mg, with excipients. The capsule shell consists of cellulose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).


Adults (age 18 and up) take it first thing in the morning, 2–3 capsules with warm liquid. In stubborn cases, an evening dose of 2-3 capsules can be taken with very persistent problems.

With acute complaints, after a heavy meal, a dose of capsules 2-3 after a meal is recommended. The daily maximum dose is 6 capsules.


PADMA DIGESTIN contains no lactose and is gluten-free. 1 capsule contains approximately 0.09 g available carbohydrates and is suitable for diabetics.

Padma Digestin is a herbal based on the Tibetan medicine and used for digestive disorders.



The digestive system is a little like the weather: when clouds in the sky appear, one misses the sun. We only know the importance of good digestion if it no longer works and indigestion appears.

Digestive disorders have symptoms, such as bloating, indigestion, stomach pain, or bloating of the upper abdomen, which can occur individually or in combination. Triggers for digestive disorders are diverse and individual. Stress, irregular or hectic eating, but also hot, acidic, fatty, or sweet foods and nicotine, alcohol, or certain medications can significantly burden the digestion.

Functional digestive disorders, i.e., those without recognizable organic cause, can be divided into acute problems (such as after a rich meal) and recurring or chronic disorders. The latter are also known as functional dyspepsia or irritable stomach. Insufficient digestion also burdens the body with undigested or poorly broken down substances. Stomach problems, which manifest in a narrowly defined place as pain or pressure pain connected with a general feeling of illness, require medical advice.


If chyme remains in the stomach after an unbalanced or heavy meal, due to stress or a psychological burden, it can feel like having a “stone in the stomach.” This stems from the fact that a health gastric emptying is not taking place, and this interferes with digestion.

Warming and digestive spices, such a pomegranate or Indian long pepper, facilitate the transport of food from the stomach to the duodenum. Cinnamon and galangal also promote the distribution of various digestive juices and ensure a good mixing of the chyme. This shows healthy digestion starts in the stomach.

From the traditional perspective of Tibetan Medicine, these plants improve the conversion of food and, therefore, the nutrient intake. So, these plant substances can support the recovery from a weakened condition in old age or after an illness and stimulate the appetite. This has a strengthening effect on the body. The improved breakdown of nutrients also counteracts fatigue and exhaustion.

PADMA DIGESTIN is available in Switzerland in pharmacies and drugstores.




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