• in stressful times
  • when demands are high
  • in the case of mental stress
  • for the nervous system

PADMA NERVOBEN is a dietary supplement based on the Tibetan constitutional doctrine made from 10 herbal ingredients and magnesium* for strong nerves and inner peace.

The original PADMA formula is based on the Tibetan recipes “Dza Ti 10” and “A-gar 8”. The formulation has calming properties on the Lung principle (wind energy) and thus on the flow of thoughts and the mental load. The herbal composition promotes semde (Tibetan for mental serenity) and inner peace.

The individual plants and minerals complement each other in a harmonious way and have a beneficial effect on both body and mind. The whirlwind of thoughts gradually slows down and daily challenges become easier to overcome.

The recipe has a sweet astringent as well as slightly pungent taste and warming properties.

*Magnesium contributes to a normal function of the nervous system and a normal mental function.

PADMA NERVOBEN Kräuter auf weissem Hintergrund

From the point of view of the Tibetan constitutional doctrine, a hectic lifestyle and stress can bring the wind element (Tibetan Lung principle): a subtle inner restlessness spreads through the body, thoughts circle incessantly and one cannot really return to inner peace and unwind even in times of physical and mental relaxation.

One feels “out of it”.

Due to the excess of the wind element, our mind loses its mental stability. One can be influenced and distracted very easily, the mind lacks the necessary grounding, like a leaf in the wind.

PADMA NERVOBEN is a food supplement with magnesium* and herbs for strong nerves and inner peace.

Food supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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PADMA NERVOBEN is available in pharmacies, drugstores and selected health food stores in Switzerland.




PADMA NERVOBEN consists of magnesium, caraway, myrobalans, liquorice, nutmeg, cloves, elecampane, Sichuan pepper, fenugreek seeds, Indian incense and asafoetida. The plants contain essential oils, flavonoids, bitter and pungent substances.

PADMA NERVOBEN is based on the traditional Tibetan recipe “Dza Ti 10” and “A-gar 8”. The ingredients have a balancing effect on the nervous system and the psyche, allowing you to stay focused and healthy when dealing with everyday stress and to find the necessary serenity in the evening.

The added magnesium contributes to a normal function of the nervous system and a normal mental function.

1 capsule contains: caraway 60 mg, myrobalans 40 mg, liquorice 40 mg, nutmeg 40 mg, cloves 30 mg, elecampane 30 mg, Sichuan pepper 30 mg, magnesium oxide 30 mg, fenugreek seeds 28 mg, Indian incense 20 mg and asafoetida 12 mg.

Recommended consumption

When needed, take 2 capsules 2 times a day. It is best to take 2 capsules with warm water after breakfast and 2 before bedtime. Do not take more than 4 capsules daily.

Food supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Allergy information

PADMA NERVOBEN is vegan, lactose- and gluten-free and suitable for diabetics. Note for diabetics: 1 capsule contains 0.06 g of usable carbohydrates.

The capsules do not contain any artificial preservatives or colorants.


Interesting facts about

Inner peace in stressful times

Modern everyday life is characterized by stress and the pressure to meet deadlines. For example, high demands (also on oneself), differences of opinion, uninterrupted availability and fears about the future, or trying to reconcile family and professional life, put a strain on mental balance. Stress is a natural reaction to an external stimulus, which puts us in a state of increased readiness.

Short-term stress even has a positive side. Our stress response enables us to cope better with difficult tasks. However, if the stress persists, the negative effects on body and mind will ultimately take the upper hand and outweigh any positive effects. A situation most of us are familiar with.

Permanent tension can manifest itself in nervousness, circling thoughts, irritability and exhaustion.This paralyzing state reduces performance. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to deal with stress in a healthy way. This includes the natural support of the nervous system and adopting a correct behaviour in terms of rest, nutrition and exercise.

The Tibetan perspective

According to the Tibetan constitutional doctrine, stressful times are characterized by an excess of the Lung principle. This can manifest itself in hypersensitivity, insomnia and mental and psychological instability.

If this state under permanent stress persists, the Tripa and Beken principles can also become unbalanced. This manifests itself in feelings of anger, frustration and rage or in mental and physical lethargy (powerlessness).

Behavioural and nutritional adjustments can help to maintain the balance of the three principles despite everyday stress. When it comes to nutrition, one should focus on easily digestible, nutritious food, for the consumption of which one consciously takes time. Tibetan recipes can also be used as food supplements.

In the Tibetan constitutional doctrine, the life-supporting channel (the nervous system in western anatomy) is also stabilized by promoting mental serenity. Thus, one finds a healthy way of coping with stress. One is able to keep calm and maintain strong nerves. In fact, only a clear can maintain its composure.



Nutmeg (tib.: dza ti) collects the wind energy in the body and centralizes it.
This helps to stay focused. Even when the house of cards is about to collapse.
No more “feeling out of it”.


Caraway (tib.: go snod) The added essential oils scent of wellness and relaxation. After a little break, you can perform at your best again.



Frankincense (tib.: spos dkar) consists of aromatically scented resins and enveloping mucins. It provides for the cohesion of the nervous system and supports the mental function.



Cloves (tib.: li shi) These are used especially when there is a lot of cold in the body. Cloves improve energy and lust for life, which are reduced by hectic and stress. The added essential oils have strong antioxidant properties.

Sichuan pepper (tib.: g’yer ma) The branches of Sichuan pepper have spines as a symbol of defensiveness and strength. These properties help to avoid being overwhelmed in stressful situations.



Liquorice root (tib.: shing mnar) Neutral nature brings the imbalance of wind energy back into balance. The liquorice root is deeply rooted in the earth and thus ensures a solid footing when dealing with day-to-day stress. This anchorage provides more calmness and focus.

Asafoetida (tib. shing kun) 1’000 years ago, fears of any kind were described as “demons” among Tibetans. Since then, asafoetida has been used to drive out “demons”, i.e. fears.

PADMA NERVOBEN is available in pharmacies, drugstores and selected health food stores in Switzerland.



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